28 Nov


Winter topics 4.12 Coping with stress What do you think are the main causes of stress? Do men and women deal with stress in different ways? Why? Do they have different attitudes to pressure, making mistakes, paying attention to details, being ambitious, expressing feelings? Can you say that using English is stressful for you? Do you have language barrier? How do you deal with it? 11.12 Why do we study foreign languages? Why do people usually take up foreign languages? Are there any languages that are easier to learn than others? How many languages should you know to become a polyglot? 18.12 21st century Lifestyles How did people imagine the life in the 21st century one hundred years ago? Which predictions were right? How have lifestyles changed? What labour-saving devices have appeared since that time? Are all of them useful? 27.12 Mixed emotions - What is the definition of mixed emotions? - Seeing your mother-in-law driving your new car on the edge of a cliff Why do we need emotions? What makes you laugh? When are you sad?

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